How to identify a wolf?

How to identify a wolf?

Jesus warned “” Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruit…” (Matt.7:15-16).

Apostle Paul also warned:

“I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Remember, I have never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears” (Acts 20:29-31).

Before we analyze how to identify a wolf let us make certain facts straight about the wolves that Jesus and Paul are trying to warn us.

1. Obviously Jesus and Paul are not referring to wolves in the animal kingdom but they are comparing human beings who exhibit the characteristics of a wolf. Likewise sheep here means the members of the body of Christ.

2. Common sense teaches us that an ordinary believer is not referred to as a wolf in these verses. These wolves are “Christians” who preach from the Bible and who are usually in the leadership position.

3. It is also vivid that a ferocious wolf mentioned would kill the flock spiritually even though the sheep could die physically before their appointed time because of the abuses they go through from these wolves.

Characteristics of a wolf and how they apply to the spiritual wolves today:

1. Wolf looks for prey.

They search for prey in packs lead by an alpha male wolf. We all know these mammon loving prosperity gospel preachers have taken over the airwaves like packs. They operate like a gang. The WoF wolves always mention their alpha preachers to frequently. They quote them frequently and even brag about their associations with them. Usually the authority of the Bible is superseded by what the alpha wolves teach. These wolves are masters in proof texting. They desperately seek supporters and a broader audience. They do not hesitate to engage in un-biblical fund raising methods to expand their own kingdoms.

2. Wolf snatches a sheep

Usually a sheep is snatched when they are feeding on the grass with other sheep. Here the sheep are snatched from the mainstream orthodox Christianity. When a sheep is snatched by a wolf we all know they cannot free themselves. They go into spiritual bondage and once they are snatched they are at the mercy of the prosperity preachers. They need some external help. They are deceived basically and a spiritual force of darkness grabs them. They need to be set free by a real shepherd. I am not trying to say whoever believes in the WoF teaching is demon possessed. No, not at all. However they are obviously influenced by the seducing spirits operating through the word of faith minsters. The process of snatching is forceful and it is never a gentle process. The prosperity gospel message appears to be authentic and innocent Christians are forcefully plucked out of the mainstream. They do not have an opportunity to analyze the prosperity message with intellectual honesty and proper Biblical exegesis and henumatics. The victims are indoctrinated and brainwashed about how to think instead of leaving them to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I John 2:27

“As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him”.

3. Wolf kills a sheep

Killing is an act of severing the relationship with the rest of the world. Cessation of communication with the rest of the world is death. People affected by the prosperity Gospel considers themselves isolated from the rest of the Christian world. They cannot have regular communication with them. “Only we have the full light of the truth” and only our leaders preach the full gospel kind of an attitude isolate them from the orthodox Christianity. The sheep is conditioned to hear from the alpha wolves and their followers and not from God. Sheep is affected by on going indoctrination of the WoF teachings which covers the hearer as a dark cloud and isolating from hearing from the Holy Spirit. False teachings that are used to excommunicates the sheep from the mainstream include but not limited to Misuse and abuse of Romans 10:9 and 10, Atonement happened in hell, Jesus became literal sin, went to hell and tormented by demons, Jesus was rich (Was He not the richest carpenter in Nazareth and did He not have various branch offices all across Israel?, He had richest disciples too who even supplied fish to the Chief priest and Jesus had connections in Herod’s palace as well!). Genuine Spiritual experiences like the miracle of regeneration, assurance of salvation, joy of being forgiven of the past sins, peace with God, love of the word, conviction about sin, judgment and hell, repentance that frees us from dead works are dismissed as feeling based experiences but extra-Biblical revelations which are the real feeling based experiences which are thought by the alpha wolves are considered legitimate experiences. The sheep is discouraged to have a life changing encounter with Jesus which results in the supernatural new birth with a definite change in the life but encouraged in participate in feeling based emotionally stirring activities.

There are 2 important ways that the sheep is killed. One is gradual process. These wolves need to have some sheep alive to supply their needs. The other one is instant process. Once the sheep is deemed uselss to their ministry they are disqualified which is the equivalent of physical killing.

4. Wolf eats a sheep.

This is the most exiting part in the entire process. A wolf being a carnivore always considers a sheep, a herbivore as a food source. In order to survive and live a wolf needs prey. Therefore they constantly eat killed sheep. They consider sheeps to be resources (food sources) to live a luxurious life. A freshly killed sheep brings immense joy to the wolves and the freshly killed sheep is also shared with their fellow wolves and when a sheep is freshly killed all wolves rejoice like this “Ha ha ha, a millionaire got saved, this member has a political connection, he has his own jet plane etc.,)

5. Wolf has no intention to feed the sheep.

Since a wolf always considers sheep as a resource they do not feed them. How can a herbivore be fed by a carnivore? Spiritual food comes from the Holy Spirit quickening a particular scripture and makes it available to our human spirits. We cannot be spiritually fed by listening to WoF tapes or reading their books. Since WoF preachers substitute positive confessions to force the Sovereign God to release miracles the victims do not take time to listen to the Holy Spirit. Many Christians are deceived by the false teachings of Rhema and consider unleavened teachings as their spiritual food but they don’t realize that all these teachings are designed to get their seed offerings to keep the wolves alive. For example how many of you have ever heard a prosperity preacher teaching about humility, cross carrying, discipleship, crucifying self, justification and other Biblical themes. Indoctrination is not feeding!

These topics are indeed mentioned by prosperity preachers only incidental remarks and not as a subject matter. The prosperity preachers feed into the sheep’s ego.

6. Wolf has no intention to protect the sheep.

When tragedy strike the sheep oftentimes these wolves are unavailable to their flock. They sheep is told that their minister had to meet an alpha wolf in a particular place or attend a WoF or they are too busy in talking to a congressman, senator or other government officials. They even resent if a member of their congregation desperately needs them while they are on luxurious vacation trips. Even if they happen to establish contact the wolves they are told to utter certain positive confessions, accused of lacking in faith, yielding to fear, believing mind instead of believing in heart, worrying about lying symptoms and so on.

7. Sheep are scattered once they spot a wolf in action.

Once someone is exposed and identified as a wolf the sheep is scattered and lose interest in things after God. Some of them even detest Christianity. Steve Lambert explains this vividly in his amazing book “Charismatic Captivation”.

8. Wolf does not treat a sheep gently.

We all have different levels of faith. New converts have are not matured to know certain Spiritual truths and they need milk. However the prosperity preachers make condemning statements like “Oh you don’t have faith and that was the reason you are not healed”, come and confess openly in the platform that you are healed by the stripes of Jesus even you are still sick, if you hesitate to confess that you are still sick then you are walking by feelings etc., So innocents believers especially new converts are so confused by their arrogant way of commanding them. These wolves often have a pushy personality which helps them to force their victims to utter un-biblical positive confessions which do not touch the reality. Bible talks a lot about the power of proclamations and Jesus is called as the Chief priest of our confession. (Heb 3:1). In stead of teaching the flock to utter positive confessions in the right way they apply force and their deceived followers are forced to think God as a heavenly wending machine.

9. Wolf considers itself as a different class (elitism) from the sheep.

A carnivore cannot hangout with a herbivore. Wolves led by their alpha wolves considers themselves above their flock. Only they can pray, preach and prophecy. Purveyors of truth. Only Rhema trained ministers can rule the Church and make all decisions. Only the super rich and major financiers to the preachers enterprise can get a glimpse of their inner circle. One of the Church fathers’ Justin Martyr says that in the early Church pastors (in plural) used to be friends of the poor and they used to be the bridges between the wealthy Christians and the poor Christians.

10. Sheep cannot have fellowship with a wolf (communication).

Watchman Nee in his “The Release of the Spirit” book clearly illustrates this. The victims know inwardly that something mysterious is repelling them from their leaders. One creed and confession says they believe in the communion of saints but in Rhema circles people realize that they cannot have communion with the spirits of their minsters.

I John 1:7 “but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin”.

11. Sheep affected by wolves need special care.

Again I strongly recommend Steve Lambert’s book “Charismatic Captivation”. Sheep who are set free from the Rhema captivation are affected in various degrees. Some of them are severely abused and disappointed. They need special prayers by committed intercessory prayer warriors.

How does a wolf wear sheep’s clothing?

These wolves appears to feed the sheep by preaching the from the word of God and wish them well. They present themselves as the “full Gospel” preachers. They still need to “feed” the sheep because they need on-going support from them. Only when the sheep is perceived to be useless it will be killed (disqualified). So in order to continuously “feed” the sheep and get new victims they need to wear clothes.

Some of the clothes:

a. The cloth that is called as the right doctrine appearing as part of the Orthodox Christianity.

b. Parading their achievements like supporting an orphanage in a 3rd world country or helping a poor community. (Jesus said let your left hand not know what your right hand do and not to parade ourselves)

c. Use of humor

d. Appear to be interested in the well being of the followers. Wealth wishers disguised as well wishers.

e. Bragging about their connections with top government officials, politicians and other celebrities (just to impress people that their message is authentic)

f. Twisting their tongues with different accents (imitate the alpha wolves).

g. Use of Apologetic/defending faith.

h. Doing acts of kindness in front of others but their out bursts of anger is well known among their close followers.

Even though this articles primarily focuses on the word of faith side, it does not mean other organizations or denominations do not have wolves among them.

A wolf can even be in a missionary organization or a in a charitable organization.

Don’t use the touch not the anointed concept to live in a state of denial. We are all God anointed and priests. Jesus commended a revelation church for spotting false apostle (Revelation 2:6). Also it does not mean some one prophesised and the prophecy did not come to pass. NO. Let us be on guard and warn others about the wolves. We are accountable to God.

Another Excellent Article About “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

Copy Right: Dennis Cramer Ministries.


The Bible warns us to be on our guard against wolves.

“I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.  Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Remember, I have never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears”  (Acts 20:29-31).
Years ago the Lord prophetically warned me of a wolf who was about to enter my life and ministry.
” Denny, if you join with this man, he will rob you of your congregation for his heart and his mind are not joined with yours. He is a deceptive man, and he will cleverly deceive the congregation to undermine you and your ministry, twisting and distorting even the most innocent words and actions to make you appear as the evil one rather than himself.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”The Bible uses a wolf to symbolize a false minister or teacher.  He is someone greedy for personal gain, who can never have enough, who only looks after himself, who scatters the flock, leads sheep astray, preys upon the flock instead of feeding the flock, a hireling (working primarily for the $$$) not a true shepherd.

He misleads people by drawing them to himself instead of drawing them to the heart and rule of God-his outward appearance concealing his inward motives.  A wolf will talk, teach, preach, sing, or act just like a real sheep but his desire or motivation is entirely different.
A wolf thinks only of himself-selfish and destructive.  A true shepherd always puts the sheep first-not last-he lays his life down for the sheep.A wolf is someone who has not submitted his life to the Lordship of Jesus.  He has sought God for the wrong reasons.  He serves God for what he can get from Him rather than for who He is.  He is an impostor, easily mistaken for a true shepherd until his motives are revealed by his actions.

A wolf takes control no matter what it takes- trickery, deceit, manipulation, false doctrine, intimidation, clandestine meetings, power plays, secrecy, planting seeds of distrust, discord, disloyalty, or even spiritual witchcraft-he will use any means available. It is very difficult to identify a wolf by his outward appearance-by what he says or how he looks-a wolf often looks and sounds like a sheep.  Instead, you identify a wolf by what he does or does not do, by his actions.
” Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.  You will know them by their fruit…”  (Matt.7:15-16).
Fruit speaks of life-style, character, teaching, and influence-his personal history-the mark he leaves on people’s lives. In addition, a wolf will often lie, steal, gossip, slander, break covenant, be disloyal, violate friendships or trusts, betray or dishonor others, violate confidentialities, ignore biblical guidelines for proper communication between disagreeing Christians, lust, love money, be a poor steward of money, be dishonest, be selfish, be self-important and proud, claim a false ministry or gift, claim an authority in God he doesn’t possess, self-promote, be worldly, be carnal, be greedy, show outbursts of anger and rage, have a controlling spirit, have no fruit of the Spirit, and most importantly do nothing out of a pure agape love as his motivation-a wolf only knows how to display cold love because by nature he is a predator.
According to the Bible-the dog, fox, bear, and wolf all have negative connotations.
TEXT:  ” Behold, I send you out as sheep among wolves. Therefore, be wise as serpents…” ( Matt.10.16 ).  (We should be wise concerning wolves.)
TEXT:  ” After my departure savage (grievous) wolves (notice the nature or characteristic of this type of wolf-savage, grievous) …will come in among you, not sparing the flock (notice where the wolves are located-among you-among us…
(notice their recklessness and the danger they pose to the sheep- “not sparing the sheep” ) From among yourselves men (notice the wolves are men-probably leaders) will rise up speaking ( a wolf has an unusually big mouth, jaws, teeth)  perverse (misleading) things to draw away disciples after themselves (a wolf always has a personal (not a godly) agenda). Therefore watch and remember I did not cease to warn you (notice this apostolic warning is to Christians) night and day for three years (notice the seriousness of this warning)  (Acts 20:29-31).
TEXT:  ” Beware of false messengers who come to you in sheep’s clothing (notice their outward appearance-they look like sheep) but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. (notice their inward motivation-meat eaters)  You will know them by their fruit.”  (Matt.7:15-16). Jesus said their inward motivation will eventually be seen in their actions.
In Review: What Is A Wolf?
According to the Bible there’s nothing good about a wolf-nothing.  A wolf is a cunning, hostile, marauding animal-intelligent, clever, calculating, an opportunist in the animal kingdom-the arch enemy of sheep.  Jesus used a wolf  (Gk.lukos- weighty one) metaphorically to describe a false prophet, minister, or teacher-a cruel, greedy, destructive person (usually a person in a leadership position)-someone who would oppress and ruin the church.
The Bible warns us a wolf often looks and sounds just like the other sheep, (sharing similar outward characteristics only ) spends most of his time around the sheep, (not for fellowship but to size up his prey) but will freely sacrifice the sheep should trouble arise.  Compare this to a true shepherd who will oppose a wolf at the risk and at the cost of his own life.
Most alarmingly of all, a wolf is a carnivore-he loves freshly killed sheep!  A sheep is an herbivore-carnivores and herbivores do not hang out together.   Make no mistake about it-a wolf feeds on sheep-he sees them only as a resource for his selfish purposes-a food source!
A wolf is someone greedy for personal gain, who can never have enough.  He is a hireling (working primarily for the $$$) not a true shepherd (Jn.10:11-13).  His only interest is personal advancement at the expense of others.
A wolf is ruthless and loveless- a ” taker.”  He openly violates God’s principles of agape love in I Cor.13.  Most wolves don’t know how to love-they’re just hunters-living for the kill.
A wolf scatters the flock-he’s not a true leader. His ministry is often characterized by the number of dead sheep left scattered around him. Any contact with a wolf will lead to destruction and eventual death for the sheep.  A wolf only gathers sheep to use them or kill (disqualify) the them. (Jn.10.12)
A wolf leads sheep astray-twisting and distorting the truth. A wolf is often weak theologically, even heretical, and cares little for the orthodoxy of Scripture. His goal is not healthy, well fed (theologically balanced) sheep-but gullible, vulnerable, dependent sheep-mindless, spineless followers. A wolf preys upon the flock instead of feeding the flock-again, a predator!
A wolf misleads people by drawing them to his own personality instead of drawing them to the heart and rule of God-his outward appearance concealing his inward motives. He will talk, teach, preach, sing, or act just like a sheep but his desire or motivation is entirely different.  A wolf possesses a self-important spirit-often boasting of a false gift or ministry.
A wolf looks for quick results that require little sacrifice-impatient, impulsive, immature, premature in all they do-he’s an aggressive animal-a pushy personality, often displaying erratic behavior.
A wolf thinks only of himself-usually an acutely selfish and self-destructive personality.  Self-preservation is the prime motivation of a wolf.  A wolf is often a betrayer and knows little of relational loyalty.
A wolf is an untrustworthy person-never turn your back on one-never trust a wolf. Jim Jones was a wolf-if a wolf offers you a glass of cool aid-don’t accept it!
If a wolf offers you a glass of cool aid-don’t accept it!
A wolf is someone who has not submitted his life to the Lordship of Jesus.  A wolf is usually an unbroken vessel-lacking genuine authority in God. He will impugn the character of others while totally ignoring his own sins.
A wolf seeks God for the wrong reasons-for what he can get from Him rather than for who He is-a self-promoter, opportunist, a user.
A wolf is an impostor, easily mistaken for a true shepherd until his motives are revealed by his actions, his fruit. (life-style, character, teaching, influence) Never listen to what a wolf says-listen to what he does-look at his track record.

A wolf takes control no matter what it takes- trickery, deceit, manipulation, intimidation, false doctrine, clandestine meetings, power plays, secrecy, planting seeds of distrust, discord, disloyalty, or spiritual witchcraft-he will use any means available.  A wolf thinks nothing of illegal, unethical, or unscriptural behavior.  To a wolf, the end always justifies the means. Left to his own devices a wolf will ultimately destroy any church he leads.

How to identify a man by his fruit?  – Insightful article by Jeremy Myers

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