Healing Ministry: Word of Faith Style!!!

Healing Ministry: Word of Faith Style!!!

Word of Faith teachings about Divine Healing:

Those who are familiar with the word of faith movement and especially those who are/were in the WoF have heard/read one or many of the following from various Word of Faith teachers.  Because various Word of Faith teachers have different styles of presentation and use many variants of the same subject, their teachings about Divine Healing can be paraphrased like:

A. Lack of Faith Accusations:

1. You are sick because you do NOT have faith (this is very popular and often used in WoF circles)

2. You are sick because you do of NOT having ENOUGH faith (or you have insufficient faith) (this is a variant of the first point)

3 “Accept Jesus as your Lord and HEALER” in order to get healed!   (This sounds like anyone can get healed ON DEMAND)

4. You are sick because you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and HEALER”; people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and get saved, likewise why don’t you accept Jesus as your Lord and HEALER and get healed?  It is your fault for not accepting Jesus as your healer.

5. “Receive your healing by putting your faith in Jesus!”  (It is your fault if you don’t receive it!)

6.  You must have faith in your heart and not in your mind (or brain, intellect). 

B. Following Your Feelings Accusations:

7.  Don’t wait for manifestations and come and give your testimony even if you don’t feel anything. 

8.  Healing is not by feeling, healing is by facts, the written word says you have been healed by His stripes.  Tell me whose report you believe. We have to believe in the report of the Lord and not what your body says.

9.  Follow the Word way but not the “world way”.  “Word way” is confessing that your are healed even when your body does not say so.  However the “world way” is, you need to experience something in your body and then testify.

10.  Follow the “revelation knowledge” and not the “sense knowledge”.  Revelation knowledge is God’s will has been revealed in His word that you must be healed and it says in past perfect tense that you HAVE BEEN healed. That is revelation knowledge.  When you feel sickness in your body that is only a symptom.  Don’t give life to the symptoms by uttering a negative confession.

10.   Walk by faith and not by sight.  Have faith in God’s healing promises from His word.  Don’t believe what you see in your body.

11.    Walk by faith and not by feeling.  Have faith in God’s healing promises from His word. Don’t believe in what your body feels.  Feelings will change, you have little pain sometimes and more pain some other times but the fact of the matter that you have been healed by His stripes.

12.   Do you believe in the written word or your symptoms in the body?

13.   Faith is greater than your feelings.  Therefore don’t wait for manifestations but walk by faith!

14.  Don’t change the triple-F order.  When you expect manifestations, electric shock sort of things and heat in the body you become a feeling follower.  Faith 1st, Fact Next, Feelings Last, you should not change this order and this is very important for the Christian life.  Therefore put your faith in the word of God and that is the fact, that fact was established 2000 years at Calvary: by His stripes we are healed, so believe it and boldly confess your mouth that you have been healed.  They you maintain the Triple-F sequence in the correct order. But if you expect to feel something in your body like manifestation, heat passing through, electricity passing through or shaking then you put your feelings first, then put faith in your feelings and establish it as a fact, wrong wrong wrong.  Then you establish the new order like Feelings 1st, Faith next and Fact next.

15. Pray for healing ONLY ONCE because the prayer of faith is prayed only once. Then walk by faith and confess with your mouth that you have been healed. If you pray again for healing you negate your prayer that you have prayed first.

16.  Truth is objective and NOT subjective.  Therefore do not establish the truth by subjective experiences like outward manifestaions, heat, fire or electicity flowing thorough your body.

17.  We must not preach our experience but what the word says!

18.  The word is the evidence that the Lord has healed you and not your feelings.

I am not against Divine Healing and I strongly believe that Jesus heals sick people today but cutting-loose accusations like the above mentioned, against sick people is nothing but applying guilt, fear and condemnation against them. This is what is called as “bull in a China shop” behavior and spewing out charges like this will not help people.  Many people have been hurt and turned off by the excesses of the Word of Faith preachers.  An average sick person who seeks Divine healing does not expect these barrage of accusation from the mouth of a faith healer.  When WoF preachers launch the salvo of accusations like mentioned above, people are offended and return home with guilt, shame and fear.

 Christians beware!!!  Jesus Loves You!  Nothing wrong in coming to Jesus with expectations and Faith but do not condemn yourselves if you are not healed.

When you receive divine healing, it comes with a corresponding acknowledgement by the Holy Spirit either an outward manifestation, heat passing through the body, a supernatural fire going though your body or something subjective.  If you experience any of these, it is time to ACT.   Confess with your mouth and give thanks to the Lord for healing you.   However if you “step out” in faith when you have not experienced anything you have fallen victim to a spirtless logic and you are deceiving yourself and bringing dishonor to the name of the Lord!

Jesus is still the healer and He is still the miracle worker.

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3 Responses to “Healing Ministry: Word of Faith Style!!!”

  1. experiencesinwordoffaith Says:

    This is all so true. No matter how big or little the institution…it’s the same.

  2. daniel dale tilton Says:

    all this is true … you are right… Jesus never told us to quote scriptures to get healed … all that came to Him got what they were seeking… im HIV+ since 1998 .. i tried it the way the word of faith people said … it wore me out … burnt me out …Jesus performed 2 major physical miracles on my body.. i tore my tetris tendon in my right foot He healed it without surgery and my left shoulder out of the socket He healed it without surgery… not to mention He paid off over a 1/2 million dollars in debt … after He told me stop tithing and just live the new covenant and give like he says to do in the new covenant … one cannot live 1 part of the law .. and leave out the rest … just like if you try to live the law and break 1 law you break the whole law … Lord told me that He wanted me to live the new covenant and trust Him… so i made the change 4 months later my
    debt was paid in full … and since then He paid another 1600.00 in debt … all by miracles … i am a poor man
    135% below the national poverty level … cant work cuz of the strand of HIV i have so anyway my point is … stop believing the lies and start trusting Jesus fully…He will take care of you ..
    thank you for your posts
    mr ddt

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