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Rhema and Logos: No Difference!!!

December 16, 2009

The Word of Faith preachers keep telling us that there is a special difference between the words Logos and Rhema.

According to Word of Faith theology:

Rhema means “spoken word”, and Logos means “written word” or Jesus Himself

Rhema means “particular word” and Logos means general word

Rhema is subjective and Logos is objective

Rhema is specific word and Logos is generic word or universal word

Rhema is contemporary and Logos is eternal.

Rhema is the “now” word and Logos is the Bible itself

Rhema is a revelatory word and Logos is the written word

Rhema is the quickened word and Logos is the written word

Rhema word contains power and Logos word is only black letters in white paper

These claims are absolutely contrary to the scriptures.  In the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament) and in the Greek New Testament Rhema and Logos are used interchangeably.  They are used synonymously and there is no difference between Logos and Rhema at all.

Kenneth Hagin Sr. founded “Rhema Bible Training Center” a.k.a “Rhema Bible Twisting Center” based upon this false assumption!